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Mini functional medicine health coaching & telephone counseling 45 min

Mini functional medicine health coaching & telephone counseling 45 min

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Mini health coaching that starts your path towards balanced health! In the email after purchase, you will receive instructions on how to book a consultation, do tests, etc.

Functional medicine health coaching and counseling after completing questionnaires. Over the phone, we go over which area you should focus on to find balance in your lifestyle/diet/food supplements etc. WE talk about where you stand now, your background and I advise you how you should continue to work on your health to reach balance between diet/body/bud.

NOTE: This mini-consultation is only indicative, but gives you some tips you may not have thought of before, and that you can get guidance on which nutritional supplements, areas (stress, diet, detoxification, stomach/intestines, hormones, etc.) you should focus on first.

The price includes preparation after reviewing your answers in the test forms and an email where I point out the things we have discussed.

After purchase, you will receive an email with a questionnaire that you fill in and send in via email in good time before the consultation according to the instructions. You book the consultation yourself online according to the email you receive after purchase.

Your personal health coach is Ulrika Olausson, who has been helping patients to better health with functional medicine thinking for 13 years. Ulrika is trained in functional medicine in the USA (Functional Diagnostic Nutrition) as well as a Certified Metabolic Typing advisor where, after tests, we design and guide you to a diet that is uniquely tailored based on your genes. With Ulrika's help, just through this consultation, you will get several powerful tools that you can use immediately, as well as valuable tips on how exactly you should think in order to optimize your health according to your circumstances.

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