About BetterMicrobiome

BetterMicrobiome is part of the Halmstad, (Sweden)-based company Toppform Halmstad, which has been active in health and functional medicine since 2006.

The owner of the company, Ulrika Olausson, is a trained functional medicine coach via FDN®, Metabolic Typing advisor, yoga instructor, strength coach, massage and kinesthetic therapist, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle practitioner and Postural and Optimum trainer.

Having suffered through some personal health challenges with a lot of gut/intestinal problems, bloating, skin problems and severe lower back pain in the 90s and early 2000s, through my work in strength and weightlifting equipment I became aware of how much diet could actually affect the whole body both psychological and physical. Through this "awakening" I was able to slowly but surely (and many "ditch runs") find a lifestyle and well-being that is still stable at a high level even today, even if I occasionally still fall off the track. With solid knowledge and experience, not so much time is spent in the "ditch" and I know exactly what my body needs biochemically (through Metabolic Typing) and insight into why the wrong steps sometimes happen, so today, at the age of 53, I feel better than I could have remember I ever did.

Today, I am grateful to be able to humbly and insightfully help and guide people to better health. My forte is finding the small changes that can make a huge difference. With me as a health coach, you get support and guidance to a healthier life, but you have to do the "work" yourself. No person or pill can help you to a fundamentally healthier life if you do not take personal responsibility for why you are where you are and for doing what is needed. My job as a health coach is to help you with WHAT needs to be done and to help you do it in the right order.

The products on this page are mainly from Microbime Labs in the USA which I got in touch with through American colleagues in 2016. The first product I sold was a 3 month CURE to a client with a background of under 20 years with extreme stomach/intestinal problems and could only eat 3 -4 different foods without intestinal problems. After half the course, she was basically problem-free and I was totally sold on Microbiome Labs! The products have solid research on the END PRODUCT not just the different components / bacteria strains etc individually. Spore-based bacteria are extremely powerful and I am very grateful to act as a reseller of the products.