Vilken Megaspore Biotic ska jag välja?

Which Megaspore Biotic should I choose?

Original Megaspore Biotic sold in the USA and previously also in the EU contains 5 different bacterial strains. Including Bacillus Indicus HU36,.

In 2021, the import ban to the EU of Bacillus Indicuus HU36 was introduced. The reason is a bit vague, probably because the extraction of this bacterium cannot take place with a simultaneous guarantee that no other possibly EU banned substance is included, and then they have chosen to ban HU36 even though it is not the bacterium itself that is the problem.

For a while, it was not possible to import this product at all, but after six months, an EU variant of Megaspore Biotic, Megapore Biotic PLUS, arrived.

In addition to 4 different bacterial strains, Megaspore Biotic PLUS also has added carotenoids (dyes) from plants and algae that are supposed to mimic the same effect as HU36, which is to increase the amount of antioxidants in the gut.

After another while there was another Megaspore Biotic for the European market, Megaspore Biotic Spores only or sometimes we just call it Megaspore Biotic. This does NOT have the added extra carotenoids but only the 4 bacterial strains, HOWEVER, this contains a full 5 billion bacteria instead of the 4 billion that are in the PLUS variant.

Why 2 variants?

A few individuals are so sensitive to different foods that they were worried that the harmful substances from the plants in the PLUS variant would possibly trigger a reaction. From this, a variant was produced without these substances.

IF you are very sensitive or want an extra effect on the inside of the intestines, Megaspore Biotic PLUS may be preferable. If you are not very sensitive to different types of substances and want a great effect, Megaspore Biotic (spores only) is a good alternative.

After selling these 2 different products for 2-3 years, I can honestly say that neither I nor my customers have directly noticed any difference in the effect of the 2 different products, however, I usually recommend spores only for the very sensitive person.// Ulrika , owner of BetterMicrobiome

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