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The BIG Metabolic Typing test

The BIG Metabolic Typing test

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What is Metabolic Typing?

A way to optimize the diet for different types of people. Not everyone can eat the same, depending on heredity and environment. The concept was developed by Bill Wolcott in 1975 and who wrote "The Metabolic Typing Diet" A large test form with more than 100 questions that identifies your "diet type". You are programmed to eat a certain type of diet for optimal energy since birth but environment, lifestyle, stress etc can throw this out of whack. When you take the test, it may turn out that you are a certain type of "diet" and feel good from a certain type of food RIGHT NOW, but as you start eating the food that is optimal for you right now, this can change until you reach your “basic type”. When you eat according to your optimal metabolic type, the body will come into the right balance to keep you healthy and energetic!

The food that is recommended is pure food without additives that should have the right effect both physically and psychologically. One type of diet may feel very good about tomatoes, for example, but another type of diet may not eat tomatoes at all, as they slow down that person's metabolism. It sounds a bit complicated but actually very logical. You can get more info in this video.

Metabolic Typing is more than food! Different types of cleansing (cell, intestine, liver, etc.) are recommended in some cases and you will receive information during the consultations. More consultations can be purchased if necessary.

What is included?

This product includes 2 consultations where we go through the current situation as well as guidance in lifestyle and diet according to the Metabolic Typing system, which is unique in Sweden. ATTENTION! The K3 LEVA lifestyle program is recommended as a first step as most people feel good starting with it to get help with certain behaviors, get satiety and hunger hormones in order and other (un)habits that the LEVA program is fantastic at correcting!

The big test including 2 consultations, approx. 40 pages of documentation.

You will find out your metabolic type, which diet you are best suited to eat according to your biochemistry, recommended nutritional supplements etc. In the consultations, you will learn how to adjust your food intake to become optimal for you, where you get the absolute best energy, as well as other lifestyle changes and tools.

After purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to take the test and how to proceed. 2 consultations via telephone of approx. 45 minutes are included in the price.

You can find more information and references about metabolic typing via KostKroppKnopp here:

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